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Photo Upload (Authentication required)

Upload your photos into your Fruzer account by visiting the "Upload" page, where you will find a Simple uploader which allows you 3 photos at a time and another is ajax photo uploader, which allows you maximum 10 photos in a queue with a upload progressor.

We accept JPG, PNG and GIF images with maximum file size of 5MB each and 200 upload limits per month. We may increse the size and limit in our future releases.

You can reach photo upload page from top menu as well as from "Accounts" page.
Fruzer Tour : Photo Upload
Photo Import (Authentication required)

Import photos from your Facebook account. If you have already uploaded your photos into your facebook account, then just import it to your Fruzer account by logging into your facebook account from Fruzer. We are using Facebook API and it's safe. We are not storing any kind of private information which you do not want to share.

Your imported photos are also part of your monthly upload limit and you'll find it under "Accounts" tab.

We recommend, kindly upload the original photos into you Fruzer account, because imported photos does not have the additional information or best resolutions which other photographers are looking for.
Fruzer Tour : Photo Import
Photo Popularity

Photo popularity is calculated based on the total likes and total votes recived by a particular photo. Each member (Player) can like and vote one time on a photo. Player can not like there own photos but they can vote.

Popularity percentage is a dynamic calculation. It can be updated at any time. 100 is the maximum and 0 is the minimum percentage level. It's not related to view count.
Fruzer Tour : Photo Popularity
Share a Photo

Share your own or others photo in the most powerful social media like facebook, twitter, delicious, digg, stumble upon and to any friends by sending a mail with the photo link.
Fruzer Tour : Share a Photo
Post a Comment (Authentication required)

Comment posting can be controlled through you privacy section. We have 5 choices to set the privacy level on comment posting.

Privacy settings on your photo comment is available in you "Accounts" tab.
Fruzer Tour : Post a Comment
Become a Player

If you are a photographer not mendatory a professional photographer, Fruzer welcomes you with the warm hands. Fruzer is not the best one but a place to express and share your photographic experience with others.

Currently we support "Google®" and Fruzer self registration process. By using "Google®" service you can login as well as signup with Fruzer. By using Fruzer self registration service you need a valid email address where Fruzer will send you an activation code to activate your account before start sharing. It's very easy, safe and free.

Registration process will be access through "Login" tab.

Fruzer Tour : Become a Player
Become a Fan

Become a fan, means if you like some other Fruzer Players work and you want to appriciate their work and link your account with them.

This activity records your interest in other players photos. All of your fan list you will find in your own fruzer profile page in the "Fan" tab.
Fruzer Tour : Become a Fan
Like others Photo

Like works as marking a photo for your favorite list. Also Like is also helps the photo to increase it's Popularity percentage.

You can see all your liked photos into your profile page under Like tab.
Fruzer Tour : Like Other Photos
Invite Others

Invite others and grow your network, the network tab in your profile page specifies your all invited player who becomes a player now in Fruzer.

Invitation can only be send through an e-mail message. To send the invitation you should login to your private account. You can send multiple invitation in one time by specifying the e-mail ids using comma seperator.
Fruzer Tour : Invite Others
Your Privacy

Well, we have five(5) different privacy settings for all your contents which includes you photos, comments, groups etc. Here is the meaning

Public to all - Public access to all member & visitors
Private to me only - Access for owner only
My fans only - Access is enable only for owner's fans only
My networks only - Access is enable only for owner's network members only
My fans & networks only - Access is enable for owner's fans & network members only
Fruzer Tour : Your Privacy
Create Photo Group

Photo group is a collection of your photos where you can assign similar type of photos with a perfect name for easy to identify and search.

Photo group is not searchable until there is atleast one public photo assigned on it. There are privacy choices available to protect you photo group content.
Fruzer Tour : Create Photo Group
Assign Photos in a Group

After creating your favorite photo group, you can assign your old photos into the group by editing the photo information from "Manage Photos" button or you can choose the photo group from the drop-down list while uploading the photos into your account.

The photo group drop-down will contain all your created and joined photo group list.
Fruzer Tour : Assign Photos in a Group
Join Photo Group

If the privacy setting on a photo group matches with your relation with the owner then you will find a join link in the group page. After joining you will find yourself in the member list and you are free to contribute any photos into that photo group.

But the owner has the rights to de-link any coontributed photos from the group.
Fruzer Tour : Join Photo Group